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CarZapp is a wholesale trading marketplace for Australian vehicles that is available to licensed motor dealers. CarZapp is an app designed to place power in the hands of the dealer. It makes it simple to trade and source inventory across Australia.
Register as a buyer or seller or both. You can then load your inventory and create tenders - it’s that simple!
Once you’ve completed registration, the CarZapp team will confirm your license and ABN status before activating your account within hours. So long as you provide all the relevant information quickly, registration should be quick.
CarsZapp has over 1,000 Users that are looking for inventory across Australia. Moving your wholesale stock onto CarZapp expands your customer base and can potentially result in more offers on your assets.
Yes! We know that most dealerships already use software for their asset management. That’s why CarZapp is able to integrate with a range of DMS platforms. CarZapp can currently integrate with: ● Dealer Solutions ● Titan DMS ● Ultimate Business Solutions
CarZapp offers access to a huge range of wholesale buyers and sellers. Trading and liaising between dealerships is made fast and simple with CarZapps digital communication system. Building new relationships with other dealerships across Australia is the best use of CarZapp. We encourage members to transact and grow relationships with other users of the app.
Yes! Part of the success of CarZapp is allowing for easy trading between licensed motor dealers. Access and offloading assets between dealerships make CarZapp the best place to list your wholesale stock for sale
CarZapp is completely free to join and use. The only cost to use CarZapp is a transaction fee for successful trades of $88 incl GST
To access CarZapp you will need a computer or smart device and internet access. CarZapp is hosted 100% digitally and online. You can download CarZapp for smart devices on Android and Apple and for desktops your preferred Browser
You can list as many or as little stock items as you need.
CarZapp takes the time to validate all users on the app so that you don’t have to. We only allow licensed motor dealers to access the platform so that our users can interact with the assurance that only real dealers will cross your path.
Of course! CarZapp offers a range of different features that provide our users with an excellent experience. Our extras include: Alerts: CarZapp will send you instant notifications about offers and tenders starting. We use a real-time communications engine to alert you quickly, so you don’t miss out. In-app chat: Our in-app chat system makes it simple to communicate with other dealerships using CarZapp. Create tenders: You can quickly create and participate in tenders from within the app.
Get in touch with us at info@carzapp.com.au